Below you will find some reports, written by Minerva Scholars.

Manon de Waard, Biology student, conducted stem cell research in 2012 at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute of the Massachusetts General Hospital. With the help of sea horses, she conducted her research of specific genes that are engaged in the growth of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL). T-ALL is an aggressive malignant tumor, that is especially frequent in children. The first treatment of T-ALL is often a success, but if the cancer returns, the chance of survival is low. It is, therefore, important to establish what genes are involved in this process, in order to be able to develop a specific therapy. Manon is very pleased that the MSF supported her and says herself about her experience abroad: “In the end, after you finished it all, you will realize what you have achieved and you will look back with pride at a wonderful period in your life”.

Manon de Waard, Research at Harvard