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How nice that you are interested in the Minerva Scholarship Fund! 

There are several possibilities to contribute to the MSF. 


In addition, events will be organised as well; both to raise new sponsors and to say thank you to our current sponsors as well. Would you like to participate in an event or be informed of what events have been scheduled? Please, don’t hesitate to send a mail to:


Scheduled fundraisings activities

Registration link: 


ANBI status

The MSF has a so-called ANBI status. That means that the tax authorities have qualified the fund as a ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ [Public Benefit Organisation] (ANBI).

Donations to the foundation are, therefore, tax deductible both for private persons and companies. The income of the MSF supports its objectives for at least 90%. This way, your donation fully supports the objectives of the MSF.


First of all, it is possible to directly donate an amount, using the following data:


Attn. Stichting Minerva Scholarship Fund



It is also possible to make a direct donation via Mollie, using the adjacent form.